sâmbătă, 7 martie 2015

The Pleasures of Summer

   During the time we are waiting for the summer to come, it will be nice to remember the things that make us pleasure, especially in the summer. There are lots of things I want to accomplish when it's  beautiful outside, but these five are at the top of our list. Which one will you do? 


1. Go to the seaside with friends




















   I like sun, sand, breeze....all in one word, seaside. And seaside activities are more fun if you do it with your friends.  And sometimes the best vacation are the unplanned ones, so when you are in the mood to change the scenary, pack a weekend bag and hit the road.


2. Eating Icea Cream





  No doubt, my favourite dessert in the summer is Ice Cream. With chocolate, vanilla or fruits, ice cream is refreshing and sweet enought to satisfy your appetite for sweets. With such a rich history like Ice Cream has is more than obvious that I'm not the only one who loves this dessert :)


3. Wearing flip flops &  sandals
















  Wearing flip flops and sandals is one of my biggest pleasure in the summer. Flip flops are so colourful and confortable to wear that make me feel more happy and full of live in this period of the year. About sandals, I like that make your feet feel very good and fresh  and are in many models so I can match them and create different outfits.


4. Reading on beach
















  Reading on beach is so relaxing that makes me forget about time passing and everything else around me. I can't wait!

 5. Traveling abroad

  This is one of my favorites because I like to visit new countries, meet people and learn about their culture. Moreover, traveling helped me to open my mind and made me hungry to see and learn more. 


  What do you like to do in the summer?

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